Fascinating tales of wild creatures inhabiting the urban edge are captured here by residents Wilf Nussey and Liz Hardman. Living at the edge of the sea with the rugged backdrop of the Cape Peninsula’s  mountains, Wilf describes in words, and Liz in pictures, the day to day life and antics of these remarkable inhabitants living between garden and mountain.   The neighbours alongside also keenly observe the comings and goings and there is a shared delight in reporting the daily sightings.  Hawk-eye Kath and Dor the Fundi also add to the accounts with their observations.  Dassies with voracious appetites,  gentle genets or the skittish porcupine, even the elusive caracal covers the territory.   Fur, fangs and feathers  –  we hope you’ll be enchanted…..

Click on the chapters below to navigate through the tales.  They are listed in chronological order and may be read like chapters in a book.











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